Is your Hair and skin Festive ready?

By gauravp    18 Oct 2016 15:19:26

 We have an arrangement for what we need to wear and all that we need to eat for this festive season. But do we have a plan to take additional care of our skin and hair? Nope, we never thought of that! This time around, we're taking the regular way out depending on natural solutions to protect your skin and hair through any injury and keep it looking awesome all through this Diwali. Here are some tips that we have…

Kitchen remedy

The way to healthy skin is in your kitchen. A tomato or a banana can rescue your skin this Diwali. Mashed tomato pulp when applied on the face will help you get rid of any pollutants or a tan while a banana and honey mixture will cleanse and moisturise skin.

Hydrate your skin

Yes, Diwali brings with itself all the possible temptations when it comes to food. We all know that sugar isn’t good for us, but there’s little we can do about life’s guilty pleasures during this festive season—a little chocolate, the last piece of mithai. There are many reasons to avoid sugar such as makes your skin age faster and become more vulnerable to damage from external factors such as sun damage and pollution, Dehydrates skin thereby making it look sagging.

To prevent these after math of sugar, make a conscious effort to consume healthy, nutritious foods. Ensure to have bowl of fresh fruits every day in order balance all that sweet & oily food. It goes without saying that increasing intake of water and fresh juices will ensure that your skin stay well hydrated.

Maintain Distance

If you are blessed with super sensitive skin and the smoke from those crackers causes skin irritation make sure you maintain a safe distance from the crackers and cover your face with a safe cotton dupatta at all times.

Treat your hairs

Sweat can clog your scalp. Ensure that you wash your hair and your scalp once you get back home to keep your scalp clean and prevent the growth of bacteria and dandruff. At the end of your valiant festive exploits, you can also check yourself in for a hot oil massage.

Try these remedies or let professional experts take care of your skin and hair.


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