BookMeIn is an initiative that was started in 2014 by Aadya Webservices Pvt Ltd which is based out of Mumbai, India.

BookMeIn is a web portal that can be accessed on the web or on any mobile device.

Our promise to our audience, is to provide a marketplace for Customers and Service Providers (Vendors) that enables them in connecting with each other and conducting business in a convenient and organised manner by scheduling online appointments.

From a vendor perspective, BookMeIn promises to create a new business opportunity platform for providing their services. We also make tools that help them in running their businesses more efficiently.

The BookMeIn Identity comprises of a symbol and the Logotype. A rainbow hand with a futuristic "star war" – ish BookMeIn logotype, that speaks of an identity that is universal and playful in its appeal. The open hand suggests A PRESENCE on call. It is a promise to serve enthusiastically and to the best of one’s ability so as to form a friendly yet symbiotic relationship with the "OTHER". Here the OTHER is both the service provider and the customer.

The play of the brand - symbolised by the hand at the back of the logotype - is invisible, giving flexibility to anyone who accesses the BookMeIn online portal, thereby allowing myriad usages to unfold.

The typeface chosen for the logotype is deliberately futuristic, to emphatically represent the imaginary power of technology which is balanced by the curvy and hand. A visual metaphor for Technology paving the way for service at your fingertips.

The BookMeIn Masterbrand consists of an identity and a tagline. The BookMeIn tagline – DELIVERING PROMISES – describes the brand as a service enabler. For, to serve is to deliver a promise.

As a brand that is universal, vibrant and playful in its appeal; we stand true with five promises – Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Empowerment, Ethics and Engagement. These can be further explored in the section under Core Values.

The BookMeIn Brand represents the strategic direction of BookMeIn and our continued focus on serving our customers and service providers. BookMeIn delivers on the promise of an integrated, intelligent and innovative online appointment calendar, so that our customers can most efficiently and cost effectively manage and fulfil their needs.

Our focus is around technology, innovation, service, IP Leadership and prowess in creating a marketplace for vendor services. Our tagline – DELIVERING PROMISES – clearly supports are positioning and eloquently communicates BookMeIn’s leadership in providing choice to a slew of customers for whom we bring all genres of service providers together under one Service Portal.

We PROMISE, to create at all times a Marketplace that connects Service Providers & Consumers through a reliable, credible & easy-to-use booking engine that enables a service to be booked / bought anytime for a preferred time, location, Vendor & Price.

BookMeIn is run by an experienced and passionate team of professionals who share the common vision of bringing convenience to the Indian customer while helping grow the businesses of Micro, Small and Medium Service providers in India.
Siddharth’s promise is to manage the Operations, Marketing and Investor Relationships at BookMeIn. He has 10+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing with a management degree from the University of Wales. In any given moment he is extremely passionate about bringing value for money to customers and ensuring that service delivery exceeds customer expectations.
Ekta’s promise is to implement the Sales & Marketing strategies and Brand promotion at BookMeIn. She has over 6+ years of experience in advertising and brand promotion. Ekta is always looking at innovative methods of reaching out to target audience and improving the larger brand equity of BookMeIn.
Nidhi’s promise is to manage the internal operations and projects at BookMeIn. Her degree in architecture and design combined with about 14+ years of experience in Design and Project management, helps her blend creativity with getting things done internally at BookMeIn. She is also a trained dancer with interests in Painting and Classical music.
Chaitanya’s promise is to be responsible for every aspect of design and implementation of the BookMeIn portal. He has been programming for 30+ years - ever since he was 11 - and remains extremely passionate about IT and Open Source technology for which he has always been an active contributer. With a long Naval service behind him, he has a capable set of hands – useful at multitasking – implementing IT projects, flying a plane or sailing a ship.

At the heart of our working culture in BookMeIn are 5 promises that help us maintain a clear spirit and speak of the values they bring to the environment at BookMeIn. It is these values that every single member of BookMeIn promises to bring to work:

Enthusiasm is a promise that no member of BookMeIn falls short of. In our minds it is the true foundation of building a great working culture. With a smile on our face and eagerness to do whatever it takes to get the tasks at hand done, we strive to make life easy for our customers through self-cultivated attributes that are enthused with energy, openness, mutual respect and honesty.
Enterprise is our second promise. And it is taken very seriously at BookMeIn. We believe in getting into action, taking calculated risks and bringing innovative ideas to fruition, when it comes to providing convenience for our customers as well as our service providers. Our view has always been that there can be no mistakes, only experiences... and it is these very experiences that beget creativity and success.
Empowerment is our third promise. BookMeIn believes in being the medium that enables customer, vendor, service provider and employee engagement with the society at large. At BookMeIn we empower our customers with convenience, our service providers with relevant business opportunities, employees with freedom to express freely within a great working atmosphere and last but not the least, our society to be able to connect knowing that they can be both a customer as well as a service provider.
Being ethical is our fourth promise. At BookMeIn we believe that we always have a choice. We have a choice between easy and difficult. In today’s world it is so easy to be wrong, yet we consistently choose the less treaded path and stand up for the morally correct. This may be through honesty, clarity, openness, transperancy and staying true to our word in the limits set by the laws of the land we live in.
Experiential Engagement is our last and fifth promise which every member at BookMeIn holds dear to their heart, while working with each and every stakeholder we have - Customers, Vendors, Employees, Service Providers and the Society at large. Through these experiences we aim to bring a smile to the face of every satisfied customer, who associates with BookMeIn, and therefore drive greater engagement for the portal.

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