5 Simple Steps To Host The Perfect Diwali Party

By gauravp    25 Oct 2016 14:49:34

        Diwali time is such a wonderful time to take a moment, remember our traditions, our past and try to host a gathering even if it’s a small one with family or friends. To make things easier, brings you simple steps to organize your party making it the talk of the town. Have a look


#1.Set a budget This is the first and the most necessary step because it is on Diwali that one gets tempted to so many things and gets an excuse to buy all of those. You may spot something beautiful, and just buy it for diwali party. That is why, you need to fix a budget beforehand.

Allocate a certain amount of money for other important thinks.

#2.Decide a theme Themes contribute significantly in setting up the mood for the evening. Twinkling lights on the venue are very much in sync with Diwali. Consider adorning the entrance with torans, floating flower petals and candles in terracotta pots ect there are so many way house can be diwali party ready.


#3.Decor/ Cuisine Something which is more happening on the festival of Diwali is decoration. Diwali is all about beauty. How you carry yourself and how you adorn your home. For food it Based on the theme and timing of your party, plan the menu much in advance.Include drinks, finger foods, main course and desserts that can be prepared mostly ahead of the party.

#4.Rock & roll When spirits are high, music surely is in demand. friends & family with old remixes and the popular songs of today are a must.

#5.Handouts (gift) Everyone gives wishes and gifts to their friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues during the Diwali festival. The basic idea behind exchanging the gifts is to accelerate the feeling of love, bonding, affection and appreciation. People show their love and care to others by giving them the gifts.



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