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By NiluSharma    04 Jul 2017 11:32:28

When stilettoes change to waterproof sandals and pastel-coloured shirts to dark ones we know the rains are here. That lingering smell of the earth, those countless hot tea cravings & the sound of music all adds up to an oasis of serenity for the city that never sleeps.

With these pitter patter rain drops being felt around the city, along comes a mixed vibe. Whether you love them or hate them you can’t ignore them. The rains are here to stay for another three months and with them the muddy puddles, those unpleasant splash marks, the everyday struggle to keep dry and the ever-increasing mosquito & pest count that makes us loose our mind.

Should this stop us from pampering ourselves or our home? 
The answer is NO!

But how do we find a one stop shop for both home care & salon services?

Do not fear, we have got you covered! Bookmein offers a solution to all monsoon problems that help you and your family sit back and enjoy the weather.

1. Pest Control: 

One of the biggest concern for households become those ever-increasing mosquitos & flies’ population buzzing away in our ears. With them comes malaria & diarrhoea creeping in, disrupting the life balance. Before they invade your personal space, this monsoon season let Bookmein wash away all these pest for good. opt for herbal pest control to avoid any consequences to you and your family.

2. Hair care: 

The thing about rain is that it is unpredictable. Let’s not even count the number of times one gets wet in the rain. What we don’t realise is the fact that often getting wet in the rain is unhealthy for our hair. Yes, rain water contains acidic properties and dirt which make our hair unmanageable dry and frizzy. Get professional help in maintaining your healthy locks with exciting offers to choose from.

3. Shoe Laundry: 

While we pamper ourselves, our hair and keep our clothes clean but what about our shoes? A pile of muddy, torn and sole less shoes and sandals is all that we are left with. The enormous amount of money that goes to waste if you choose to throw them away. On the other hand, if you decide to invest money to make them good as new, that also goes to waste since the service provided by the local street cobbler is not up to the mark. Well not anymore! Bookmein provides professional shoe service which would turn your old rugged shoes into brand new ones at affordable prices.

4. Water Purifier Repair: 

Being a Mumbaikar we all understand the struggle of getting clean drinking water. As the rain comes pouring down the need for safe & clean water becomes a priority. The main idea is to kill the bacteria’s and retain the essential minerals in the water. This need is fulfilled by water purifiers. But what happens when this essential machine breaks down. You cannot wait for days to get it fixed. Bookmein provides instant water purifier repair & services at affordable rates with no compromise in service quality. 

So this monsoon, go out and feel the rain and let Bookmein be your helping hand to splash away your problems.


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