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Step 1: You Search Select and Book Your Service with the Service provider Step 2: Through our system, the service provider gets intimation about your booking and views your booking details. Step 3: The service provider confirms your booking depending on their availability. Step 4: You get the confirmation message.
You Can book for All Catagories that have Registered Service Providers
Yes, Using is FREE. However, you will pay the service providers for the services you book, either at the time of booking or after the services are rendered to you. not only enables one to Search for a Service or a Service Provider, but also Book an Appointment for a Service with a Service Provider based on location, time and price. A confirmation of the Booking is sent to both the User & Service Provider via email & sms.
There are 2 ways to search for service providers. Method 1: By City - Area - Service category. Example: Mumbai - Andheri - Saloons. Method 2: By Service Category - City - Area. Example: Saloons in Mumbai specifically Andheri.
BookMeIn provides Contact information about the Vendor or Service Provider. This includes the Vendor or Service Provider's Address on a map, Working Hours, Services, Charges for Services, Average Time taken for the Service.
Whenever you search for a service based on a time slot, BookMeIn provides you multiple options for service providers and their availability for a time range close to your timeslot. That way, you can know when a particular vendor or a service provider is available. Or you can also know which service providers are available in your preferred time slot.
The Service provider / the Vendor provides a confirmation for your booking. However, the vendor / the service provider may use one of our backend systems to provide the confirmation to you via eMail or SMS.
You get confirmation for your Booked Appointment by both SMS and Email.
Depending on the nature of service, some service providers can provide you instant confirmation through our systems. This is called booking. However, for some services, you would have to request for an appointment, from the service provider & he would respond subsequently. This is called request for an appointment. A request for an appointment is not a confirmed booking. It has to be confirmed by the service provider. While you book, there is a clear indication of which service providers provide you with an option to book and which service providers provide you with an option to request for an appointment.
If the Service Provider does not confirm your Request for Appointment within 2 hours, the request will be cancelled and you will receive an sms / Email informing you about the cancellation.
BookMeIn has a special section called My Bookings for every login. Through this, you get a history of your earlier bookings and can quickly make future bookings. Your future bookings can be changed & modified. You can also get details about the feedback you had given earlier. You can add feedback from this section as well.
You pay your Service Provider, after you avail the Service Booked. BookMeIn enables the interaction between the Service Provider and the Customer. In some cases, where the Service Provider / Vendor requires us to do so, BookMeIn might collect booking fees on behalf of them as an advance. However, in all cases, you make payments to your Service Provider. is India’s 1st E-Commerce portal for Services, where you can search, select and book your favorite services online, Anywhere, Anytime. Search for Service Providers in a specified area across multiple categories. Select a preferred Service Provider based on availability, location and service offered. And Book an Appointment with the Service Provider and/or request for one. Our system will update them automatically.
Bookmein is marketplace for services where you can search, select, compare, enquire and book your favourite service online Anywhere, Anytime or Anyplace. Bookmein provides informative listings of service providers in the relevant local area, shows their availability and helps visitors in booking an appointment or requesting for one.
Step 1: You list your service in Bookmein. Step 2: Bookmein customers Search, Select, Enquire or Book the service that you provide. Depending on the option that you provide, the customer can either enquire, book or request for an appointment. Step 3: Through our system, you get intimation about your enquiry or booking or request for appointment — by email, sms and alert in your Bookmein for business app and bookmein lite. Step 4: You view the enquiry / booking / appointment request and you can reply to enquiry or select Confirm, Reject, Pre-pone or Post-pone. We provide you options to provide this response through email, bookmein for business app or call. Step 5. If you have confirmed the booking / request for appointment, you get a confirmation message along with customer details. Step 6: You get a reminder for your confirmed booking from Bookmein - 4 hours prior to the requested time slot. You can also view your confirmed booking schedule and the customer details at Bookmein Lite (paid service). Step 7: You deliver the service and get paid from the customer directly, if you want us to collect the payment on your behalf, online payment option is available on bookmein.
We have 6 master categories of services and more than 62 sub categories of services within Bookmein Please visit to know more about the different services which you can offer at Bookmein, you can even download bookmein - for business app from playstore. Few of the sub categories you can register your business are as 1. Pest Control 2. Cleaning i.e. Residential or Commercial 3. Water purifier repair and services 4. AC repair & services 5. Interior Decorator 5. Birthday party planner 6. Event Management Organisation / Company 7. Home Salon services 8. Yoga Trainer 9. Chartered Accountant 10. Maid Service Agency 11. Electrician 12. Plumber 13. Carpentar 14. Painter 15. Appliance Maintenance & Repairs 16. Car Cleaning 17. Driver 18. Cook 19. Nurse 20. Tiffin Service
No problem. Write us an email at and we will review your request, add your category and then intimate you.
You can mail us at with your business name, your name, your contact number or choose to call us at 90-2149-2149 and give the required details to our customer service representative and we will get back to you for further information.
We are not charging you for business listings but there will be charges for enquiry or booking or bookmein lite. You can opt in or opt out for those features its all your decision, even if you opt out your business will be listed on BookMeIn.
BookMeIn is more than classifieds or a listing portal. It is Unique. It not only provides a search facility to the visitors, but also provides with an exclusive page of your business which they can visit. Reputation management, forecast load, track customer loyalty and customer delight, handle cancellations and no shows, difficulty in measure results on marketing spend, making space for waiting room, capturing customer feedback, monetising of peak business hours, expand market reach. And, More Importantly, it gives the option to visitors to enquire about your services or directly Books appointments with them for You - which means confirmed bookings / request for appointment.
At the moment, we are offering our portal for customers and service providers who want to book and sell services in Mumbai. We plan to add more cities in times to come.
Depending on how you configure Bookmein for your business, you get either enquiry or request for appointments or confirmed bookings and we charge you for enquiries and confirmed bookings.
Depending on how you configure Bookmein for your business, you get either request for appointments or confirmed bookings. Depending on the nature of service, you can provide instant confirmation to customers through our system. This is called confirmed booking. However, for some services, you may want to respond subsequently after checking your schedule. In that case you configure BookMeIn for “request for appointment”. A request for an appointment is not a confirmed booking. It becomes a confirmed booking only after you / service provider confirm the appointment.
BookMeIn provides you with a scheduling software as well. Facility where you could use it to define your work times and schedule your appointments with BookMeIn customers and your other customers. If you confirm an appointment using BookMeIn Lite, the scheduling software automatically gets updated. You can also manually update the scheduling software for appointments outside BookMeIn. That way BookMeIn clearly understands your availability and reflects the same when the customers are booking for your services.
If you have confirmed the booking or a request for appointment, then, BookMeIn shares the customer details with you.
BookMeIn provides you with a scheduling software that can be accessed using your login credentials in the portal or app. Here you will be able to find the appointments for the day. Also BookMeIn will send you reminders 4 hours prior to your booking slot through an email or an SMS.
You get directly paid by the customer after the delivery of your service. Incase of online payment bookmein pays you within 7 days from the date of transaction successfully made by the customer.
We have registered more than 10,000 service providers till date and the number is increasing on a daily basis.

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